Privacy Policy according to § 13 (1) German Electronic Information and Communications Services Act (Telemediengesetz):

(also available: German Version)

1. Preface

We collect and use your personal data strictly in agreement with the data privacy stipulations of the Federal Republic of Germany. The present document is to inform you about the type, extent and scope in which personal data is being collected and used. You can view this document at any time on our website.

Should other websites be reachable from our own, our privacy policy does not apply for them.

2. Visiting the Website

2.a Transmission and logging for internal and statistical purposes

When accessing our website, your web browser will automatically send data to our webserver for technical reasons. Among others, this data contains the date and time of your access, the URL of the linking site, the downloaded file, the amount of sent data, the type and version of the web browser and operating system you are using as well as your IP address. This data is stored independently of other data you may provide while using our service. Correlating this information to an identifiable person is not possible to us. This data is analyzed for statistical purposes and then deleted.

Beyond this, no personal information is gathered, collected or transmitted to third parties when visiting our website.

2.b Usage of Cookies

We do not use cookies.

2.c Referrals

If you visit the website using a "referral link" (identifiable by the "refer=...." string in the URL), your IP will be stored together with the username contained within the referral link. This is necessary for handling the referral mechanism and for dealing out the bonus rental period to the referrer. This information is neither used for any other purpose, nor shared with any third parties in any form.

2.d Social plugins

We use social plugins, e.g. the “like” button, from the social networking site These plugins are operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). The plugins can be identified from one of the Facebook logos (e.g. a white “f” on a blue tile or a “thumbs up” sign). The list of Facebook Social Plugins and what they look like can be viewed on Facebook at

If a user accesses one of our websites that contains one of these plugins, its internet browser connects directly with the Facebook servers. Facebook sends the content of the plugins directly to the user’s browser and back. We have absolutely no control over the amount of data that Facebook collects with the help of these plugins.

More information on how much data is collected and why, and how it is then processed and used by Facebook, as well as details about the users’ rights and the settings available for protecting users’ privacy, can be obtained from Facebook’s data protection policy at

If a user has signed up to Facebook but does not want Facebook to collect data via ourwebsite and link it up with the data stored on Facebook, it must log off Facebook before visiting our site .

If a user does not belong to Facebook or has not (yet) consented there to having its data collected and used, we recommend not clicking on Facebook plugins.

3. Using Pomato

3.a General

Pomato stores all your information (incl. iStockphoto account information and sales data) only on your local hard drive.

Pomato does fetch the following information from our website:

This is governed by the stipulations found under "2. Visiting the Website".

3.b Rental Usage

Pomato can be rented without purchasing a license key, whereas you are granted a free trial period of 1 month when first using the software. In order to make this possible, your iStockphoto username as well as the duration of your rental period are stored on our server. When starting Pomato without a license key, the validity of your rental period will be verified using this information.

3.c Extending the Rental Period / Buying a License Key

You can extend your rental period or buy an "unlimited use" license key through our online store. To process your order, personal information will be collected and stored. This data (e.g. name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, etc.) must always be entered by yourself. You are doing this voluntarily and knowingly. The saved personal data is used solely for the purpose for which you have transmitted them to us.

4. Kagi Online Store

Visits to our online store at Kagi and the purchase of a license key through kagi are governed by Kagi's privacy policy.

5. Right to Information

As a user of our website and software products you have the right to request information concerning your personal information saved by us. This information can be provided electronically, as per your request.

6. Subject to Change

This privacy policy is subject to change. You will find the updated privacy policy here. This document has been last updated on Mar 26th, 2013.